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"Dancing you to a healthier lifestyle one step at a time..."

Dancing Soulz, LLC Founder & CEO

"Dance has been, and continue to be, my place of peace, my creative block, my fitness trainer, my life coach, and overall my platform to help build modest character in model citizens of all ages, artists and non-artists alike. I am able to interact with my students almost on a one-on-one level, even in a group environment by cultivating skills, infusing daily discipline, and redirecting negative energy by retaining composure as the main life learning experiences that can continue outside my dance classes and workshops. With my future goal in becoming a Naturopathic Dance Medicine Physician with a focus on people of color and indigenous communities, combining all of my passions so be a better service to the dance and non-dance communities as the Warrior Goddess!" -Miss Z

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Guest Speaker 

Holistic Wellness 

Dance Conditioning

BLS/CPR Training will resume in 2021


# of clients CPR certified since 2014


# of local dance teachers participated in Wellness for Dance Teachers and Dance Injury Prevention Workshops


Over 8,500 students taught within the DC, PG County, &
Philadelphia regions


Current different types of Dancer Wellness 
Workshops available

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