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About Me.

Zahra Carpenter (she/her/Goddess/love) is a dance educator advocating for safe dance environment guidelines, funding urban public school dance classes, onsite or local dance healing practitioners, and acceptance for many beautiful black, brown, and indigenous dancers. Her growing foundation in holistic healing dance-arts medicine leads toward her elaborate dream of becoming a leading Black Indigenous American Dance Healer.

Facts About Zahra


Degree Year
Institution Name, City

MFA Dance Science  2024  Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance, London, UK

BFA Modern Dance   2000  University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Diploma                  1996  Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Washington, DC

Professional Hobbies

Organization Name

Board Member                   International Association of Dance Medicine & Science

Company Manager             Katherine Smith Contemporary Dance Ensemble

GYROTONIC® Instructor      Elements Fitness & Wellness Center

Provider Candidate              Safe in Dance International

Research Interests

Research Topics Interests 

Under-researched Dance Genres

Dance science, dance medicine, physiology, performance psychology, cultural psychology, biomechanics, nutrition and sports medicine, racial trauma, dance movement therapy, cognitive function, creativity, physical therapy, positive psychology, cross-cultural psychology, dance conditioning, wellness, performing arts medicine, and somatic techniques.

Dance genres include African, HBCU Auxiliary, Indigenous of the Americas, Polynesian & Māori, African Street Dance, House, Dunham, Brown Ballerinas, Liturgical/Praise, Beat Yo’ Feet, and  Black Concert Dance.


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